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How Much Do You Know About Brazilian Favelas?

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the Victorian era

Here’s something from the book Innocence and Decadence: Flowers in Northern European Art 1880-1914, (which is a very good book by the way, and can be bought here!) from the chapter “Flowering Symbols”:

In the nineteenth century, flowers became used as a highly sophisticated “code” for expressing emotions and ideas. As a consequence, a close relationship between flowers and language originated, and flower poetry in particular took flight, though in novels, too, flowers were presented as the “messenger” of emotions and central thruths, which could range from everyday feelings, love, faith, and morality to decidedly mystical ideas. Charts were even drawn up in which flowers and scents were assicoated with a particular spiritual condition of the soul.

However, the symbolism of a given flower was not unequivocal. Depending on the situation, flowers could have various symbolic meanings and the same bloom in a different coulour could even mean…

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I thought this was a really good post. Enjoy!

the Victorian era

In the victorian era, a healthy and natural complexion was valued (or pale and delicate look), especially for young people. However, makeup was used, but it was a bit of a taboo and certainly not to be revealed to others. Here is a fragment from An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa M. Alcott, the writer of Little Women. I would not recommend it for reading since it’s quite full of Victorian morals for young girls and therefore quite boring, but it does have some good bits.


Maud went; and as soon as the door was shut Tom rose on his elbow, saying, in a cautiously lowered voice:

“Fan, does Trix paint?”

“Yes, and draws too,” answered Fanny, with a sly laugh.

“Come, you know what I mean; I’ve a right to ask and you ought to tell,” said Tom, soberly, for he was beginning to find that being…

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Here’s a Victorian Game…

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been busy lately and I just kinda forgot.

Anyway, sometimes when I don’t feel like writing I play online games–that help with my research.

This one: http://www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/en/keys/games/17 is one of my favorites.

You can play either as a Victorian lady or a Victorian gentleman. You’ll be asked different questions on etiquette for different situations. If you get it wrong, they’ll tell you why. And if you get it right, they’ll tell you why. I think it’s a nice way to combine online gaming and researching.

Happy Gaming!

Language Learning

Lately I’ve been feeling quite bored, so to counter that, I’m now going to try to learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese. It might help with my writing, since online translators really aren’t reliable.

Last week I also started learning Latin, so I’ll continue with that.

I’m going to try to learn Brazilian Portuguese with http://www.transparent.com/learn-portuguese-brazilian/. Does anyone know of a better site for this? And I’m using http://www.learnlangs.com/latin/index.htm for learning Latin. Again, any better sites?

Thank you!